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Clay Claiborne wrote:

> and it has worked out pretty much 
> the way he planned it.

Repeating that assertion doesn't prove it. In a previous post, you wrote, "I 
will wait until after Tuesday before I render a verdict on [the protest's] 
effectiveness." What happened to that approach?

> What did you think about the comments 
> to [the "How to Stop Trump"] article?

I do not think they are a good measure of the protest's effectiveness.

> It would seem that I'm only qualified to speak
> about matters in Venice, CA.

No, but it is somewhat presumptuous of you to make confident assertions about 
the dynamic between experienced organizers and new activists in Chicago. 
Marilyn Katz has first-hand knowledge of it; Joe Iosbaker has first-hand 
knowledge of it; you don't. 

I fear this thread is becoming repetitive.

--Kevin Lindemann
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