David Said:

"Maybe if he'd had louder pipes the truck
driver would have heard him and sped up? ;)"


It is still noise it does not matter if it is 1:00AM or 12 noon. It is disrespectful to your neighbors and fellow citizens. These guys/(gals too oh no please ?) will always say it is for "safety" because of course (mmhhmm) who can argue with that?

I can tell you on the highway when someone is coming up on you the sound means nothing because it is facing the wrong way. Specially if my Becker Europa AM only radio is on. Hey I got an idea for more "safety" lets put four pipes a set facing forward. Add some Sirens too and a bull horn like on the movie "Kelly's Heroes". some revolving lights too with strobes.

They talk safety out one side of there mouths and also talk about how they like to do 80-, 90, 100 plus mph in some of these vehicles in traffic, heck I have seen it with my own eyes. If you think you need so much safety just do not ride. That would be the safest thing! Acting like hypocrites. They got an answer for everything, but the answers are not based on logic, scientific fact or more importantly being a kind and considerate citizen.

Not enough to go out ride and enjoy your vehicle with the standard issue muffler (put on for a reason and what is that??) we have to make noise so everyone can A) suffer, B) look at me riding by. C) I can get a thrill and the rest/majority of the folks who dispise it be damned. Why do you just admit you like noise, and most common folks who are in the majority do not like it. Remember when the good of the may out weighed the good of the few. What happened?

Regards Tom Scordato

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OK Don wrote:
we had one just this year - right in town. There was no car involved -
the idiot didn't need any help. Too fast is too fast, regardless of
the noise.

One motorcyclist slammed into the back of a boat trailer next to an
airport I used to frequent.  The driver of the truck towing the boat had
slowed to look at the airplanes.  Unfortunately, the biker was also
looking at the airplanes, but hadn't slowed.  He wasn't seriously hurt,
fortunately, but his bike was.  Maybe if he'd had louder pipes the truck
driver would have heard him and sped up? ;)

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