Being in the protected and isolated beltway of DC you likely don't realize
that Soros and other like him are the real reason Trump has leaped to the
leadership position in two weeks after filing to run for President.

Trump stands up, speaks up, and won't shut up, because he is not
intimidated by anyone. The rest of America west of the Potomac River are
truly and well pissed at the District of Corruption, Soros, and the evil
they represent.

So, Yes, a little bio discourse on Soros ... and others.. is actually about
Trump... who in plain words, without doing the "PC Dance" says what
Americans have been saying for the past 30 yrs..

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this any more" just about sums it
up for most Americans, about now.

Some correlation to the huge increase in sales of "as sault" rye fles and their expendables since the mos lem pre sident was elected and a continual stream of atrocities have been committed by the 9 okoles in black robes and the cons in gress.

I'm just waiting for the mann to say it is time to go...

Time to play the trump card?


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