Well said, Wilton.

Any and all who went North earned and deserve respect.

I know three John McCain

The ego driven hotdog pilot, who likely benefited  from and used to his
advantage, being the Admirals son. Who I hold in pretty low regard.

The Prisoner of War, who I respect, and thanked for having endured the
endless torture and privation.

The Senator, who for 32 yrs, has spoken much, but done little, who dumped
and divorced the mother of his children, who stood by him all the while he
was POW, and who then married the rich young hottie, and I hold that one in
pretty low regard also.

Trump didn't get where he is by being shy and retiring. He is smart and
ruthless. He also is not intimidated by anyone... So, I don't see an
apology in the future.
McCain and the rest of us are seeing a game change in action. Trump, even
if defeated will have "left his mark" before it's over in how DC elites do

Frankly, it's the kind of "hope and change" much of America had in mind
when the present administration sold the phrase. Should be interesting to
watch them run away from it now.

Hear here! I respect # 2 for what he endured, But #s 1 and 3 are a$$holes. I will have to be convinced that trump meant anything less. And in trumps winner take all world, being captured is worse than being dead. particularly with his radio hanoi broadcasts.

Question:  If Germany had not made war on the civilized world, would we be
driving Mercedes cars today? Would they have been "discovered" in America?

I'd guess the answers would still be yes and yes.


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