As amazing as it may seem, after listening to the hoplophobic media, in 60+
years, I have never had a rifle assault me on its own.

I do find it worthy of notice however, the latest murder by muslim was
committed in a "gun free zone" just like the last 20 or so such multiple

Apparently, criminals can't read the signs. Imagine that.
Perhaps a bright muzzle flash would provide them the proper illumination so
they could read the sign?

I predict an orderly revolt at the ballot box. I further predict, should
that be perverted by the likes of Soros controlling the vote count, a full
on revolt by well and truly pissed off American Citizens who, once in
motion will be slow to cool down.. I do hope we don't go there. However,
being the Capitalist I am.. I've bought future positions in rope and axe
handles... and I do hold the production rights to a Guillotine design
...... Just in case.

Have a nice day !

On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 5:42 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Andrew...
>> Being in the protected and isolated beltway of DC you likely don't realize
>> that Soros and other like him are the real reason Trump has leaped to the
>> leadership position in two weeks after filing to run for President.
>> Trump stands up, speaks up, and won't shut up, because he is not
>> intimidated by anyone. The rest of America west of the Potomac River are
>> truly and well pissed at the District of Corruption, Soros, and the evil
>> they represent.
>> So, Yes, a little bio discourse on Soros ... and others.. is actually
>> about
>> Trump... who in plain words, without doing the "PC Dance" says what
>> Americans have been saying for the past 30 yrs..
>> "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this any more" just about sums it
>> up for most Americans, about now.
> Some  correlation to the huge increase in sales of "as sault"  rye fles
> and their expendables since the mos lem pre sident was elected and a
> continual stream of atrocities have been committed by the 9 okoles in black
> robes and the cons in gress.
> I'm just waiting for the mann to say it is time to go...
> Time to play the trump card?
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