On Sat, 25 Jul 2015 14:27:09 -0600 Craig via Mercedes
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> > From my experience, Win7 is ornery about booting so I'm
> > reluctant to advise "Just try it".  But the "root" command
> > looks correct for legacy GRUB.  

Well, I did, "Just try it," and it worked. I performed the following

            1. Boot SystemRescue CD.
            2. Execute "startx"
            3. At a terminal prompt, type, "grub <enter>".
            4. Type, "root (hd0,2)".
            5. Type, "setup (hd0)".
            6. Type, "quit".
            7. Reboot.

> Kinda redundant to "startx" from a terminal just to open an
> xterm, isn't it?  *smiles*

Well, if one wants to run Gparted to make sure things are OK, it's quite
necessary ...

Now I just need to how to activate my installation of Win7.



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