So I have this watermelon I bought, and it was pretty ripe, but it had little flavor and no sweetness. Don't know why. Anyway, I had eaten a bit of it and left the rest in the fridge with a big chunk cut up.

So last night I get to thinking there must be some sort of Adult Beverage that would be good to use that watermelon on, googled the idea, and decided to throw some in a blender with 2 limes of juice, a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it up a bit, and some white rum. OHWOWWASTHATGOOD!!! A beautiful pink color, nice subtle flavor of the melon and lime and the rum did not really punch through too much. Could be deadly. but a nice summer cocktail, maybe even adding a bit of fizzy water or ginger ale or something like that, some basil or mint or something too, a mojito or something.

I ended up with about a quart or more of product, put the rest in the fridge for later. I might just juice the rest and freeze it for later bevvie production.


No flavor and no sweet because it was picked green fer grocery store to keep a long time until some sucker bought it. Bet your gullah friends can help you find ripe local melons.

Being brought up on fresh local melons, and fruit and vegetables of all kinds, I find it very hard to tolerate grocery store melons, apples and many other things. Perfect time now for a Muscatine cantaloupe

Foe wassermelon: hold it in one hand. tap on top with a finger. It should sound hollow, and the vibrations should transmit through with little to no change in amplitude.


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