Already replaced the seal for the chain tensioner, immediately after the head 
was installed and the first seal leaked because I wasn't careful and let the 
seal get cock-eyed while tightening.

The other possible leakers I can think of are the vacuum pump/gasket and the 
timing case cracking at the serpentine belt tensioner mount.

I may put some newspaper or cardboard under it in the driveway and spray a 
couple cans of brake cleaner to wash off the front of the engine, that may be 
enough to locate the leak.

Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

On August 13, 2015 7:55:33 PM EDT, Jim Cathey via Mercedes 
<> wrote:
>Dude!  Way better to be sure _before_ you get out the wrenches!
>The chain tensioner is a heavy leaker, at times.
>-- Jim


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