OK, looks like the SKF seal is 17907 => inside diameter = 45.01mm, =>
speedi-sleeve part# is 99177 (standard) or 99830 ("gold" higher quality /
longer lasting).

The SKF website and the speedi-sleeve catalog both caution that the correct
size is determined by measuring the shaft, I can't do that until I take the
hub off.

I called local auto parts warehouse, Parks, and they carry the Timken
equivalent of the SKF speedi-sleev and have the same size and the next size
up and down in stock, so the odds are good that when I take the hub off, I
can buy the repair sleeve kit (about $40) the same day and get the car back
on the road quickly.

I called several local bearing supply places, including two that are SKF
distributors, and they don't keep ANY repair sleeves in stock.  "We can get
that for you in a couple days" doesn't cut it.  I do not want to take the
car out of service to remove and measure the hub, order the sleeve, wait
2-3 days and then put it all back together.

Charleston SC

Agreed, that is is bad to have the car down for a week waiting on parts.

The sleeve I got was loose, but I installed it with loctite, and I expect no problems. too small to get it on the hub without damage is another deal.

I'd suggest putting the sleeve on a block of wood, then set the vibration damper hub on top evenly and bump the hub with a rubber hammer. The damper is larger and more easily kept parallel to the wood surface.


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