It must have been '96 or '97 or so when I joined the local MBCA chapter. They had a scavenger hunt outing at the Barrett Jackson Aution (before it was crazy expensive to get near it). Boy child and I went, kicked booty on the scavenger hunt (filling out info on MB stuff at the auction) and then went out to eat with the club oldesters. At some point during the night, someone was talking about how the guys with older cars (they all had wicked new ones, of course) are talking on that new fangled internet thing and someone gave me Kathy Kennels phone number. I called her the next day and she hooked me up. I seem to those days it was Herr Doktor Booth, Kathy, Dan Penoff, Walt Lasher, RE, etc...but I could be making that up...I've slept several times since then.

Bob Rentfro
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Would be interesting to find out how people came to be on this list(or
the previous

I will start, I was lead to the RE and MBCA list by Diann Quinn from
Chicago(wisonsin maybe), signed up.  Was on the MBCA list till it was
canned by the high and mighty at the home office.  Later kicked off the
RE list and was a founding charter memember of in 98(or was it
99?)  Anyway, thats my story.
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