I was on all the old MBCA lists from the early '90s, and received a lot of help and good suggestions from many good people. Unfortunately, there were a few "high and mighty" people who resented using the "delete" key, and they managed to kill the entire list structure. The one person who was the force behind the lists and who kept order was Kathy Kennel, a past president of the club. She was affectionately known as the "list Mom", and highly respected and now sadly and sorely missed, as she passed away after a valiant battle with cancer.

One detail for correction: from my recollection, no one at the national business office was responsible for the list shutdowns - There are only a very few very hard working people there keeping the records and the organization running. Decisions for the club are made by the Board, and thankfully we now have a more congenial regime doing that job.

When the MBCA lists closed down, I became a charter subscribe to several mbz lists, where most of the former MBCA subscribers then showed up.

I believe that these lists serve a real and very valuable service, and thank all the good people who give freely of their time and advice. And for those that have a bad day, there's always the "delete" key.......

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Would be interesting to find out how people came to be on this list(or
the previous mbz.org)

I will start, I was lead to the RE and MBCA list by Diann Quinn from
Chicago(wisonsin maybe), signed up.  Was on the MBCA list till it was
canned by the high and mighty at the home office.  Later kicked off the
RE list and was a founding charter memember of mbz.org in 98(or was it
99?)  Anyway, thats my story.
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