Waytago! Too bad you didn't get it out before you had to hose the ign lockset.

I found out you can't drill out the lock or the protective sleeve. I took the front plate from a 123 to th a guy who was selling carbide drill bits that were 'indestructible" and would "drill through anything." It dulled his drill. The drill barely made a dent. He asked what it was. I said Kryptonite!

I had gotten the front plate out by grinding off the protective sleeve and then the lock.

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Just to let you know I finally got the tumbler out, but accomplished it by cutting the protective sleeve. I have gotten the tumbler to rotate outside of the housing once our twice and found one broken piece of pot metal, but would like to take it further apart to see what is really mucking the operation. I will order a new key and tumbler set and sleeve, as the 190 steering lock that I have, doesn’t have the transmission lock feature.


Bob Massmann
1995 E300D 448,000 miles


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