IBM is a storied company with a history of innovation and progress. They
have contributed to computing as a discipline in various ways.

And if you want to know what one totally unqualified OpenBSD user thinks,
the best way they could contribute to OpenBSD is funding. 10,000 USD is an
IBM i series Account Rep's expense report total for a quarter. 1,000
dollars is what some of their executives are allowed to spend on a guest
chair for their office. Donating in those amounts would support OpenBSD

Adding some zeros to those figures would be evidence of an energetic
support for Open Source software indeed!

On Oct 19, 2016 00:26, "Mikael" <> wrote:
> 2016-10-19 12:59 GMT+08:00 Ralph Siegler <>:
> ..
> >  too expensive to have for development, too expensive to run, to
> > expensive for a userbase while businesses waited for a mature version,
> > compelling use case in the open source world that couldn't be done with
> > Xeon drawing half to a third the power.
> >
> Ralph,
> At 2850 to 5300 USD for rack chassi+mobo+CPU, I think Power8 servers do
> make sense - it seems like a great way to diversify from AMD64, while
> in a robust server architecture.
> Oracle have been talking about making a low-end server model of their new
> Sparc64 chip, I guess that one will sell at around 5000 USD too.
> So then there's two alternative architectures to AMD64, great!
> (I didn't see any convincing ARM64 servers on the market yet.)

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