My experience with ZFS (FreeNAS for the most part) is that it becomes more
"expensive" to expand your pool after the fact (for a couple of different
reasons, see below), but if 5TB is all you're ever going to need in this
specific case, I think you should be fine and can take advantage of ZFS
features like you said.

I have sources for this at home (a couple of articles and link to a forum
thread), but these are saved on my desktop at home. Just let me know and
I'll share them with you later.

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 8:27 AM Jan Betlach <> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am setting up a home NAS for five users. Total amount of data stored
> on NAS will not exceed 5 TB.
> Clients are Macs and OpenBSD machines, so that SSHFS works fine from
> both (no need for NFS or Samba).
> I am much more familiar and comfortable with OpenBSD than with FreeBSD.
> My dilema while stating the above is as follows:
> Will the OpenBSD’s UFS stable and reliable enough for intended
> purpose? NAS will consist of just one encrypted drive, regularly backed
> to hardware RAID encrypted two-disks drive via rsync.
> Should I byte the bullet and build the NAS on FreeBSD taking advantage
> of ZFS, snapshots, replications, etc? Or is this an overkill?
> BTW my most important data is also backed off-site.
> Thank you in advance for your comments.
> Jan

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