Den lör 16 nov. 2019 kl 22:49 skrev Karel Gardas <>:

> > I tried a home NAS with ZFS, then BTRFS. Those filesystems needs tons of
> RAM (~1 GB of RAM by TB of disk), preferably ECC.
> For NAS you prefer ECC anyway and 1 GB RAM consumption per 1 TB of drive
> is urban legend probably passed by folks using deduplication.

Or people who do not want to swap while doing extensive fsck of huge
partitions with lots of small files in them.
Most recommendations are based on all corner cases and not just the
happy-case when you stash a single movie on a nas over the home network.

Yes, dedup uses ram most of the time if it can, but other things do too.
Also, "excess" ram in these cases turn into read caches so its not lost on
you either.

May the most significant bit of your life be positive.

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