We have lots of changes to the UI for Mixxx 2.1, but significant work has only been done on the Deere and Tango skins. We need to decide what to do about LateNight and Shade.

LateNight and Shade are both still using raster graphics. Now that we have support for scaling skins for high resolution screens, which are becoming increasingly common on new laptops and monitors, they won't scale well unless they're vectorized. Shade does not resize, so it only makes good use of space on low resolution (netbook) displays. LateNight wastes a lot of vertical space and feels cramped, especially with 4 decks, on 1366x768 screens, which is the most common laptop/desktop screen resolution in use today. Combined with having to scale raster graphics, LateNight only looks good on a narrow range of resolutions (1920x1080). LateNight could be redesigned to make better use of space, but that would be *a lot* of work that would take months to do well. Deere and Tango both fit in netbook resolutions and use vector graphics, so they scale from small resolutions to high resolutions. Deere now supports both split and parallel waveform modes well, so we don't need LateNight for those who prefer parallel waveforms.

So, we no longer have compelling needs to continue to maintain LateNight and Shade. The only reason to keep them would be because people like the aesthetics of them, but to keep them, they need a lot of maintenance work done. I hope people step up. It would be a shame to drop skins people like just because no one maintains them.

Here are changes that would need to be done at a minimum:
* Effects: 2 rows of 2 Effect Units with only one row showing by default. Each Effect Unit shows 3 effects' metaknobs, enable button, and effect selector, plus the chain dry/wet knob when [EffectRack1_EffectUnitX], show_parameters is 0. When show_parameters is set to 1, add the parameter knobs and buttons, plus metaknob linking and inversion buttons. Both the parameters hidden and parameters showing views need to support drawing a border around the focused effect and showing the effect focus buttons. An expand/collapse icon needs to be designed for toggling show_parameters (as well as for the samplers). Effect unit routing buttons go in the decks, samplers, microphones, and auxiliary input sections, not the effect units, except for the master and headphone routing buttons. * Looping and beatjumping: BeatSpinBoxes for beatloop_size and beatjump_size, buttons for beatloop_activate, reloop_toggle, loop_in, loop_out, beatjump_backward, and beatjump_forward. The beatloop_activate and reloop_toggle buttons will require designing new icons. * Samplers: show rows of 8 samplers, with the number of rows configurable in the skin up to 8 rows. Each row can be individually switched between a collapsed and expanded view.
* Use new recording length widget
* Fix an old bug from 2.0: all skins show show a split cue mode button

I think all of that could be accomplished in several weeks for one skin. You can refer to the code of Deere and Tango for details on implementing these changes.

Does anyone want to step up to maintain LateNight or Shade? If we decide to remove a skin, we can post it on the forum to download for those who wish to keep using it despite it being outdated and incompatible with controller mappings.

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