Hi, Dan.  Please see my responses below in purple.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 12:23:17 PM UTC-4, Dan Cook wrote:
> Hi all,
> A few things on my mind as I enter month two of riding. Any thoughts?
> - should I ride in the center of the lane whenever possible? I've heard 
> varying ideas here. Generally I'm more comfortable in the center. Oncoming 
> traffic could destroy me. Gravel or other crap on the side of the road is 
> no good either. But I have still heard people say that the center isn't the 
> place to be.  Ride where you're comfortable.  There are reasons to choose 
> one side of the lane over the other that have to do with you being seen and 
> being able to see.  That's why on a curve, you take an outside, inside, 
> outside path.  (If you don't know what this is, I recommend you take a 
> Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) basic rider's course or advanced course, 
> depending on which one you've had in the past.
> - if I see gravel on the road and there's no avoiding it, what's the best 
> course of action? My instinct is simply to avoid braking or accelerating 
> and just try to roll on over it. In corner, obviously this is more 
> dangerous.
> - when not shifting or braking, balls of the feet on the pegs, or remain 
> ready to brake/shift?  This is another question that indicates you might 
> need to take the MSF basic rider's course.  They will teach you how to 
> react to road debris of different types.
> - how important is leaning in a curve? My very limited experience 
> (including a corner lowside) tells me that countersteering is plenty for 
> any corner.  Actually, when you make a turn or take a curve, you're 
> supposed to look, press on the handlebar (or counter-steer as you put it), 
> *and* lean.  This is another question that is best answered by your 
> taking an MSF course.
> - I wear contact lenses. However, for about a month I've been out of them 
> and had to wear my glasses. How do you put your helmet on with glasses? I 
> have to take off the glasses, put on the helmet, then snake the glasses 
> between the helmet padding and my ears until I find the right spot. It's 
> really a pain in the ass. I wonder if my helmet is a little too tight.  This 
> is an area I can help you with without referring you to a MSF course.  What 
> you need are the right type of frames that will fit under your helmet 
> comfortably between your temples and the helmet lining.  I prefer these for 
> riding: http://www.zennioptical.com/220421-plastic-full-rim-frame.html
> Thanks!
> Dan 
> (And this is all relevant to this list, of course, because I'm wondering 
> all this while on my Nighthawk 250.) 

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