Ralph wrote:

> I'm moving all the headers into nmh's domain, the ones it cares about in
> drafts, anyway.  This is only talking about draft processing.  So
> `Received' isn't in the set.  In effect, all draft headers become nmh
> directives, none of them are wire headers any more.  Directive `To' may
> well become wire `To' after send → post.  So I'm not sure the set is
> that large?  Typos get caught, and we can dribble Attach, Forward, etc.,
> since the whole namespace is ours.

I'm still missing something.  This message draft has In-Reply-To:
and References: header lines, introduced by the default replcomps.
How would those lines get through post?  If a added a Foo: line to,
the draft, what would block it?


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