Lyndon Nerenberg <> writes:
> At this point, I think the fact that nobody seems to be able to give a 
> simple, clear, and coherent description of the problem suggests that nobody 
> really knows what the actual problem is, yet.

Well, my problem is that I want the prevailing session locale to be C,
primarily because I'm used to seeing output from e.g. "ls" in ASCII
ordering.  But I'm finding that nmh, or at least send, is effectively
broken in that locale --- unwillingness to cope with non-ASCII data at
all counts as "broken" for me.  So I want a way of controlling the locale
used by nmh without side-effects on other programs.

Obviously you could define this as being ls' problem not nmh's problem,
but I respectfully disagree.  It was fine for the last twenty years or
thereabouts, and nmh changes are what made it not fine.

                        regards, tom lane

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