Ken Hornstein <> writes:
> I ... do not think this would solve this particular problem.  The issue
> here seems to be a) nmh programs were given 8 bit characters, and b)
> the locale was set to US-ASCII.  If you are going to assume that all
> INPUT is unconditionally UTF-8, then yes, that would solve this problem.

Umm ... I think you are attacking a straw man.

The current state of affairs is that nmh unconditionally assumes that
non-ASCII input is in the character set specified by the LC_CTYPE
environment variable (modulo the various ways that that can be specified).
What I'm suggesting would allow the environment to be overridden by an
mh_profile entry.  There is zero difference from an epistemologic
standpoint: either way you're trusting the user to know what her data is.

                        regards, tom lane

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