I think this should be seriously considered "Sign of the Times." Prince has 
always given all his fans a run for their money, time and efforts.  Of course I 
agree with Derek that the worst was when he sued all of his fansites and they 
dwindled down to nothing.  But don't we expect this type of behavior from him.  
It seems to go in cycles, we're just in another one.

My thinkinig is that this is more like a Crystal Ball type situation.  He 
really wanted to promote Tamar in combination with his 3121 deal and Universal 
wouldn't go along with it.  Mr. P, threw one of  his Gemini fits and Universal 
pulled the plug on him.  And he pulled the plug on himself.

The fansite was wonderful when it started and I was more than willing to pay 
the $100 per year fee, but at least we were getting communication and some 
goodies along the way.   $25 was good for the 2004 Musicology tours, but also 
brought in the dredges of Princedome to just go along for the ride. And leaving 
out the overseas crowds was a definite no no in my opinion.  They got left out 
in the cold.  They deserved a tour, but then again, when he wasn't getting in 
love in the US, he didn't bother doing shows here either.

  So in my opinion, if the Club does return, then the fee will go back up and 
he'll have his die hard base again.  Which are the ones that spend the most 
money anyway.  Maybe he will start to release official outtakes (I'm not 
betting on this) So to weed everything out, it may have been time to shut it 
down and regroup.  However, he should have left it up for archive purposes, but 
who am I.

I don't think there's a big money problem so far as Prince is concerned.  As we 
all know he did down size a lot of his concerts, not like back in the old days 
when there were cars, and basketball courts and fireworks, and brass beds etc.  
So although the sets were nice, they did start to show quite a bit of wear and 
tear, and his wardrobe really didn't change too much from show to show, along 
with ones used for this TV appearances.  He just turned 48 and has to think 
about the future, and since his business saavy doesn't agree with us, his 
personal finances are probably a lot more lucrative.

Yes, he's had to pay out money to Mayte and now Mani (might need to stay away 
from the "M" family for a while), but in the end I think that's the real reason 
for a lot of what's going on.  Just a little too coincidental that Mani 
releases her home line products, site closure, divorce announement etc.  He was 
just setting her up with some promo so she could try to stand on her own.  I 
mean really, we started noticing way before anyone else that Mani wasn't at his 
side.  So were we really surprised that the divorce announcement came?  I know 
I wasn't.

Could he have done things better of course. He could make millions if he just 
released concert footage and outtakes.   But I think it's a good thing that 
he's back in Minni, where his roots are. Cali may not have been a good 
influence on him.  Maybe it's his time to rebuild, reboot and rejuvinate.

Either way, I'm along for the ride.  I've been here this long and I'm not going 
anywhere.  I'll just sit around and see what colors he throws on the wall next.

Robin aka Cherrymoon

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