Peter Münster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> \setupinteraction[title=Übung,Author=Münster]
> Thanks, I missed those keys in the manual.
> Ü is still not working, perhaps I should update to ConTeXt-2004.4.9 ?

a quick test shows that 
/Author (M¸nster) is put in the pdf file, where the Character after
the M is 0xfc. Dunno if this is right.

> It seems, that there is no key named "keywords" ?


> FitBH means, fit to width of bounding box. When reading text on the screen,
> the combination of FullScreen and FitBH seems to me optimal.

I could not find anything like this in ConTeXt.

> BTW, how do you create bookmarks with ConTeXt?
> I tried the following, but it did not work:
> \setupinteractionscreen[option=bookmark]


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