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> > Arguments for a collection could be:
> >
> > 1) Perhaps a comprehensive and classified collection of sample documents
> >    could spare others such time consuming trials.
> a) it is impossible to have a comprehensive collection of documents.
> There are too many faces ConTeXt has.
> b) It is hard to classify the documents. Two possibilities:

Yes, it is hard to classify them (and many other things) if you insist
on forcing them into a single, canonical hierarchy. But what if you
classified documents on the basis of keywords, or key phrases? Then
visitors could either search based on those phrases or browse a keyword

Of course, that assumes your Wiki software has some means of managing

And you could just make some arbitrary decisions about what materials 
should be included and how to classify them. Even a very imperfect
collection would be more helpful than none. And if people don't like
your collection, tell them to start their own. Isn't that what the Web
is all about?

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