Hi all,

the idea of the keywords is very nice...



you can search for a specific page using the url

like in


even more, you can search all pages containing a word like in:


perhaps it could be copied for ConTeXt wiki...don´t know how tclers do
theirs, but I guess they use tcl and they more or less can give some

Just some thoughts.


Jose Ignacio

> Hi Matt,
>>> b) It is hard to classify the documents. Two possibilities:
>> Yes, it is hard to classify them (and many other things) if you insist
>> on forcing them into a single, canonical hierarchy.
> Oh, I don't insist on anything; I just don't have clue how to start...
>> But what if you classified documents on the basis of keywords, or
>> key phrases? Then visitors could either search based on those
>> phrases or browse a keyword index.
>> Of course, that assumes your Wiki software has some means of managing
>> metadata.
> As far as I can see, it doesn't. But putting keywords on the pages
> could help.
>> And you could just make some arbitrary decisions about what materials
>> should be included and how to classify them. Even a very imperfect
>> collection would be more helpful than none.
> Probably true.
>> And if people don't like your collection, tell them to start their
>> own. Isn't that what the Web is all about?
> Right. Easy to change everything.
> Patrick
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