Hello Holger,

>> >> [starting ConTeXt wiki at] http://members.ping.de:8062/

>> What kind of example documents do you think of? I guess that you know
>> that the magazines on the main ConTeXt site have their source code
>> included?

> I was thinking of all kinds of day-to-day documents, like the letter
> template I mentioned. I could not find one according to DIN-standards, so I
> did some trial-and-error experiments and created my own. 

What were the difficulties you ran into?

> Arguments for a collection could be:
> 1) Perhaps a comprehensive and classified collection of sample documents
>    could spare others such time consuming trials.

a) it is impossible to have a comprehensive collection of documents.
There are too many faces ConTeXt has.

b) It is hard to classify the documents. Two possibilities:

  1)   layout trickery
       macro hacking
       itemize weirdness
       crazy table fun


  2)   letters

Any other? Which one makes sense?

> 2) On the other hand, my template could for sure be further improved (beyond
>    the level, I am capable of), so by putting it on a WIKI, I may get hints
>    and feedback by others.

Yes, that would be a great thing. This is actually the reason why I
started this wiki (and texshow-web).

> What was your motivation for mentioning such a collection on the WIKI?

Every 4 months this question arises on this mailinglist. (Not really

> Another advantage of the WIKI would be the following: I am often lost, when 
> I try to remember, where I found a certain hint/trick/technique I am 
> remembering. If there is a place where everyone can edit pages and include 
> hints or links to information, then there would be no need to create more 
> and more separate web sites about ConTeXt, because the content could be 
> placed in the WIKI, or it could at least be linked from there.

And (the best part!) there is a search field in the wiki. So if you
have important information there, get it in a few seconds.

But it is up to every user to add things to the wiki.

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