On 16 Apr 2008, at 7:56 pm, Norbert Preining wrote:

> Jonathan, Will: It is about TeX Live 2007 in Debian/lenny. There  
> will be
> no TL2008 in lenny. But we have recent context and recent luatex.
> It is about updating the lmodern fonts, currently we have 1.01x, the
> last before the otf and font names were renamed.
> What changes would be necessary for fontspec and/or euenc and/or xetex
> so that we don't break everything, and have a working:
>       xetex
>       context/xetex

Given that there won't be TL2008 in lenny, I think it would be very  
desirable to update xetex to a more recent version than 0.996 as  
shipped with TL2007. This would provide several important bug-fixes  
and improve compatibility with certain latex packages (I don't know  
much about the context situation). If you stay with the TL2007  
release, it will quickly look quite stale compared to other  
distributions that are around, and will frustrate users when features  
that others are using don't work for them.

If you're willing to consider this, I can make and tag a branch in  
our Subversion repository to give you a stable version to use (you'll  
need to use that rather than the TL repository). Let me know if I  
should do that. Don't try to grab the latest code from my TRUNK, as  
that's sometimes a bit too experimental.


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