Hi Will,

On Do, 17 Apr 2008, Will Robertson wrote:
> All other XeTeX+LaTeX packages are unaffected and you should use the  
> latest versions from the SVN repository. If you need me to upload the  

Umpf, I don't like to package stuff that is in some svn repository for a
stable release, stuff that hasn't seen at least a decent amount of

Honestly, I fear to open a pandora's box here. We are now at a level
that I would have to:
- patch xetex and probably xdvipdfmx
- patch several tex packages
- update the lmodern fonts

And I am not sure that all this will *not* affect anything else in
TeX Live 2007!?!?

Furthermore, to be honest, I currently have not the time to prepare such
a big thing.

If one wants to step in and make a patch please grab
and send a patch against it. It contains fontspec, euenc, and xltxtra.

Receiving this patch I can (re)consider the whole thing.

Sorry, but I have my time constraints, final theoretical mountain guide
exam, upstream TeX Live work, and a real life ;-))))

Best wishes


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