Am 21.11.2008 um 18:25 schrieb Bart C. Wise:

> Fontforge shows no ligatures for Adobe Garamond; however, it does show
> ligatures for the Tallys fonts.  So that probably explains why there  
> are no
> ligatures.
> However, the font has a lot of kerning pairs, but I don't seem to be  
> able turn
> those on/off with the \definefontfeature directive as I could do in  
> the Tallys
> font.
> And back to the original problem, en dash, em dash, quotes that work  
> in other
> fonts don't work here.  I can use \emdash, \endash, \quotesingle,  
> etc., but
> this creates more work when you get text from an author and is more  
> prone to
> error.
> So is this a font problem?  Or is this something I'm doing wrong  
> (and what)?

Give us more information, what format does your Garamond
font has (type1, truetype or opentype). Have you tried
to load the font without ConTeXts interface:


\garamond fi ffi -- --- ``text'' fl


Can you try to test your typescript with MkIV if this
makes a difference and finally, what is the output from
"mtxrun --script fonts --list AGaramond* --info".


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