There is a simple solution that will satisfy the "report everything"
contingent and still keep your eBird list free of canaries: create another
free eBird account for this (and perhaps other) purposes.

Have this account opt out of the Top Birders list and possibly also out of
Rare Bird Alert reporting. You can easily move the small number of
observations of exotics from your regular account (that do not have
domestic versions to which you can switch) to this other one if you already
have them -- just enter them on the new account and delete them from the
old one.

There might be some debate as to how the European Goldfinch should be
treated. It has been in the United States (and New York State) since the
19th century, though not continuously.

It has been observed to be nesting in the midwest since 2006:

I have raised the issue of having eBird use the state ABA list for managing
what is eligible for county and state eBird lists, but this is not a
short-term priority so do not expect the policy to change any time soon.
You need to manage your eBird list yourself.

David Barrett


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