Kudos for keeping the linkeddata rdf views in the new version of
OpenLibrary. I just noticed that the application/rdf+xml views seem to
lack a namespace prefix definition for 'rdf'. This causes some tools
to choke when parsing the XML. Also I noticed that the <ol:authors>
element seems to have the wrong information in it. Maybe this would be
a good time for me to try to patch the source? Is there a tracker of
some kind you are using for bug reports like this?

e...@curry:~/Downloads$ xmllint --format
http://openlibrary.org/works/OL158398W.rdf:4: namespace error :
Namespace prefix rdf on RDF is not defined
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RDF xmlns:ol="http://openlibrary.org/type/work";>
  <ol:lc_classifications>TK5105.888 .B46 1999</ol:lc_classifications>
  <ol:title>Weaving the Web</ol:title>
  <ol:subject_people>Tim Berners-Lee</ol:subject_people>
  <ol:subjects>World Wide Web</ol:subjects>
  <ol:subjects>Accessible book</ol:subjects>
  <ol:subjects>Protected DAISY</ol:subjects>

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