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> I agree with Jim. In an ideal world I think both is preferable...and
> its doable from an rdf perspective. Clients would get a label to
> display to a user, without having to resolve another identifier. And
> they would also get a nice shiny author identifier to learn more about
> the author, and for other people to reference in their data.

Agreed. However, we aren't using SKOS, so I'm thinking we'll use  
something like:

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://openlibrary.org/authors/OL22022A";>
          <rdf:value>Barbara Cartland</rdf:value>

Does that work for folks? Can you embed those rdf:Description  
properties at various levels with impunity?

Also, is there any feeling, strong or otherwise, about substituting dc  
terms where appropriate in the place of ol terms, or is everyone fine  
with doing their own translates from ol properties to whatever they  
use locally?


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