On 01-Jun-10, at 7:28 PM, Ed Summers wrote:

> Kudos for keeping the linkeddata rdf views in the new version of
> OpenLibrary. I just noticed that the application/rdf+xml views seem to
> lack a namespace prefix definition for 'rdf'. This causes some tools
> to choke when parsing the XML. Also I noticed that the <ol:authors>
> element seems to have the wrong information in it. Maybe this would be
> a good time for me to try to patch the source? Is there a tracker of
> some kind you are using for bug reports like this?

Yes, we use launchpad.


There are already 2 bugs filed for this.

1. definition of rdf namespace missing in works' rdf

2. Author RDF is invalid

You are most welcome to contribute. Can you start with providing  
correct RDF representations for a sample work, edition and author?

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