I agree this is an impediment to implementing the Web Client in centralized 
or semi-centralized cataloging departments (of which we have many). I am just 
not conversant on the ins & outs of how to get fixes into a release versus a 
maintenance release versus a patch.


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We would need it fixed sooner, if all or libraries are to move to the web 
client for cataloging.

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    Thank you. This is ringing a bell now, but I did not internalize it until 
one of my libraries complained and documented it. This is really bad. I noticed 
it has a high priority but is unassigned. What can we do to get this fixed in 
3.2 if not sooner?

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There is a bug report for this 
It is very problematic. Many of or libraries have more than 5 branches and this 
bug makes it impossible for them to use the web client

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I just had this reported to me, and it does seem to be problematic. Many of our 
libraries use Holdings Maintenance in XUL as the first step in adding volumes 
and copies. This works out well because, even if a given library system has no 
volumes or copies under a given title, the org unit tree for that system 
appears in Holdings Maintenance and you can easily add volumes / copies to a 
specific branch. This tree does not appear in the Web Client so adding volumes 
to a branch requires several more steps as a user is forced to select the 
branch org unit at several junctures.  Am I missing something? Has anyone else 
noticed this?


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