Ant wrote:
> hmm, you mean that 865.9 can't understand this options in config or
> why you recommend 865.15?

.15 has some bug fixes in the write path that you might be hitting as 
well. If you hit it a write basically gets lost and we end up dropping 
the session and retrying all the running commands.

> Also i saw this options in /etc/iscsi/nodes/

Are you doing iface binding?

Yeah you can change those values by using iscsiadm

iscsiadm -m node -T -p,3260,1 -I iface2 -o 
update -n "the params I listed before" -v "the values I told you"

> It is enough change this options only in iface2 file and reboot
> machine?

Yeah, and you do not need to reboot the machine. Just log the session 
out and log back in.

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