Hello Mike,
Here again, let me try to explain the problem
Initiator                  Target          
2001::2                     2001::1

When the system reboots, the initiator login twice (TWO TCP
connections) with target on both IPv4/IPv6 addresses
where only one is required. Is there a way to limit this session at
iSCSI level, preferably on initiator?

Output of fdisk -l on initiator, the same target volume is listed as


Yes, under /dev/disk the exported volume is updated in by-id,by-uuid..
Th by-id is same("scsi-" is prepended) as the ScsiId param which I
configure in ietd.conf

I configured udev rule as per Redhat kbase

KERNEL="sd*", BUS="scsi", PROGRAM="/sbin/scsi_id",

So the two issues,
--initiator should login only once ( i can set to either IPv4/IPv6)
--the exported volume should be listed as /dev/sdb on the initiator
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