Hello Mike,
Let me explain the sequence of events
-- The system reboots
-- Open iscsi is enabled at start up
Issue 1 ==>> From the database, the initiator logins twice to the same
target via TWO TCP connections which are established on IPv4 and IPv6

Yes, if i disable automatic node startup, then it is fine, I can login
to the target via specific portal by using iscsiadm comamands.
But problem is when it configured for automatic login. As said
earlier, I am looking for a solution at iSCSI layer.

==>> for the second issue, I searched further but still need your
help .

Yes, I find an entry under /dev/disk/by-id as say "
scsi-149455400123456" ?
Here is where I am not able to get you how to make it consistent.

1. mount /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-XXX /mnt/iscsi
2. output of mount
   /dev/sdd on /mnt/iscsi type ext3 (rw)
3. Created fstab entry
    /dev/sdd /mnt/iscsi   auto   _netdev 0 0
4. Reboot

fstab retains the entry, but the mount output does not have it. When
it logged in this time, it has different sd<X>.
I am not using udev rules.

Once again, thanks for your time and suggestions.
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