Arvind Jain wrote:
> Mike, 
> I have attached the wire shark trace for OneWay-CHAP and Mutual-CHAP. I am
> not sure how helpful this is.
> In case of OneWay-CHAP, Open-iscsi initiator does not continues with the
> login step and gives and error as follows:
> Logging in to [iface: default, target:, portal:
> iscsiadm: Could not login to [iface: default, target:
>, portal:,3260]:
> iscsiadm: initiator reported error (5 - encountered iSCSI login failure)
> Target discovery or login failed

Could you give me the output of

iscsiadm -m node -T -p,3260

And could you run iscsid by hand with debugging and give me that output 
when you try to login

# iscsid -d 8 -f &

will print it out to the console.

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