> Hi all,
>       I am trying to install RHEL5.3 on an iSCSI disk with two paths.
> I booted with "mapth" option but the installer picked up only a single
> path. Is this the expected behavior when I use "iBFT"?

For this mail ibft boot means the boot process where the ibft 
implementation hooks into the box and logs into the target and brings 
over the kernel and initrd.

It could be. If the ibft implementation uses only one session during the 
ibft boot and then only exports that one session then yeah, it is 
expected because the iscsi tools only know what ibft tells us.

If the ibft implementation uses one session, but exports all the targets 
in the ibft info, then in RHEL 5.3 the installer only picks up the 
session used for the ibft boot up, but the initrd root-boot code used 
after the install should log into all the targets in ibft whether they 
were used for the ibft boot or not. There different behavior is a result 
of the installer goofing up where is used the wrong api.

> The install went fine on a single path. I was trying to convert the
> single path to multi-path by running "mkinitrd". RHEL was unable to boot
> (panics) with the new "initrd" image.  The only difference between the
> old initrd image and the new one is that the old initrd image was using
> iBFT method and the new image was trying to use the values from the
> existing session(s) at "initrd" creation time. For some reason the
> latter method doesn't work. Is this a known bug?

This should work, but there are some other issues. For the boot that 
panics what was the problem? Did the session get logged in or was it a 
panic in the iscsi code?

Were you trying to force mkinitrd to use the session values at initrd 
building time or did you want it to use ibft one at runtime?

There was a bug where mkinitrd would use the current sessoins values 
then stick them in the initrd and use them. In 5.3, if you were using 
ibft then the initrd code should use the ibft values. Check out 
/sbin/mkinitrd:emit_iscsi_device. It should call iscsi_is_ibft and 
figure out that ibft is used. It is still sort of broken. If you changed 
the ibft value then ran mkinitrd we would not figure out ibft is being 
used because it checks this by matching the ibft values with the current 

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