Mike Christie wrote:
> A signature is not going to help you understand that patch will it? :) I do 
> not think a changelog will help either since it is the first  version of a 
> RFC patch.
Mike, signature is needed and helpful, I assume you sign all the patches 
you send to James, isn't it... change log is always needed and helpful, 
specifically, when you send someone an RFC, anyway, to your question

> From the subject of the mail and the body it looks like Rakesh is trying to 
> port libiscsi to older distro kernels (RHEL 5 and SLES 10 based) so he can 
> support cxgb3i on them. I am just asking you guys if you also need RHEL 4 and 
> SLES 9 support.
I am not aware to special need to support rh4 and sles9


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