Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> On 09/04/2009 07:44 AM, Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
>>> Rakesh Ranjan wrote:
>>>> Mike Christie wrote:
>>>>> On 09/01/2009 09:53 AM, Mike Christie wrote:
>>>>>> On 09/01/2009 03:58 AM, Or Gerlitz wrote:
>>>>>>> Mike Christie wrote:
>>>>>>>> Or, I am ccing you because some time ago Erez was working on 
>>>>>>>> support
>>>>>>>> for older RHEL and SLES kernels for OFED. It looks like the patch
>>>>>>>> below would not be useful to you because iser is supported in those
>>>>>>>> kernels, but did you guys all need RHEL 4 and maybe SLES 9 support
>>>>>>>> too?
>>>>>>> Hi Mike, I'm used to work with patches which have a change log 
>>>>>>> and are
>>>>>>> signed, where this patch lacks both, so I can't really understand 
>>>>>>> what
>>>>>>> it is about, sorry.
>>>>>> A signature is not going to help you understand that patch will 
>>>>>> it? :)
>>>>>> I do not think a changelog will help either since it is the first
>>>>>> version of a RFC patch.
>>>>>>    From the subject of the mail and the body it looks like Rakesh is
>>>>>> trying to port libiscsi to older distro kernels (RHEL 5 and SLES 10
>>>>>> based) so he can support cxgb3i on them.
>>>>>> I am just asking you guys if you also need RHEL 4 and SLES 9 support.
>>>>> You guys meaning, do you need iser and does Rakesh need cxgb3i?
>>>> Hi Mike,
>>>> Yes we do want to support cxgb3i on RHEL4/SLES9. I am sending the
>>>> modified patch against current james tree's libiscsi part. This patch
>>>> can replace existing 2.6.14-23_compat.patch.
>>> Hi Mike,
>>> Here is updated patch that fixes some MACROS to fix compilation issue on
>>> RHEL5.0 and SLES10.2
>> The idea is that I can just drop in your patch over the existing 
>> 2.6.14-23_compat.patch compat patch right?
>> cd open-iscsi/kernel
>> mv your_patch 2.6.14-23_compat.patch
>> make
>> (the build system's patching code assumes we are in the kernel dir so 
>> I just have to remove the /kernel/ strings from the diff).
> Hi Mike,
> Yep that would work, BTW this patch applies against libiscsi of james 
> tree (after copying related part, I fixed those files inclusion 
> directive as to be part of open-iscsi tree).

Hi Mike,

What happened to this patch. We need this patch upstream. If you want me 
to send it again just ping me.

Rakesh Ranjan

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