Le 13/03/2018 à 12:32, GEORGE, John (NHS DIGITAL) a écrit :

> I am get the impression that SNOMED CT is hard to implement, and
> therefore wondered if we are at some kind of tipping point, like where
> HL7v3 was a few years ago, and some bright spark came along, and now
> we have FHIR that is gaining great traction in the health community
> due to the ease at which it can be implemented.

Hi John,

The tipping point will only get reached when a sufficient amount of
Snomed users will state that it is uselessly hard to implement... and
when someone will invent a smart way to simplify it... not there yet ;-)

But I really insist on the two orthogonal issues at stake:
1) a component should ease your job and not kill your project (detect
"dead horses" early),
2) a component should not keep you stuck in the wrong (ancient)
reference frame.

No need to say that FHIR is easier to put at work than the plain RIM,
but it still keeps its community in a system where "boxes that saw the
patient passing by can exchange information" when we should (due to both
the chronic turn and the information society era) be dedicated to
organize multidisciplinary teamwork around patients.


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