Le 13/03/2018 à 18:01, Bert Verhees a écrit :

> On 13-03-18 17:45, Philippe Ameline wrote:
>> in my own terms, it means that it is not the proper component for
>> modern applications.
> Wasn't it Voltaire who said that the best is the enemy of the good?

Bert, I get your point and I can perfectly understand that if Snomed can
get used to do what you need done, you are plainly entitled to use it,
even if "not perfect".

But the issue could be stated differently: we are living a very specific
moment since, at the same time, we become part of a genuine information
society AND are engaged in a turn from acute to chronic care.
It means that we should all be trashing the "good old systems" and
dedicate ourselves to building risk management systems that allow
multidisciplinary teams to manage patients' health journeys over time.

Do you think that HL7 and Snomed are the proper components for this kind
of innovation or that they are stuck in the ancient world?
Do you think that using endemic technologies (components that only exist
in the medical domain) can be of any use when it comes to health...
that's to say operating in person's "bio-psycho-social bubble", a place
where education, employment, social issues are as important as medical
information, and are all plain contributors to risk management?

It is not about "good" versus "perfect", but about having a whole domain
(and its practitioners) get stuck in a dead arm of the information society.



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