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> We should come up with a published list of "intern and senior projects 
> proposals"

I know there is a low-hanging-fruit tag in the bug tracker, and this summer 
when we had two interns on our team working on Openstack we had them both 
“onboard” to the development process by having them find and resolve 
low-hanging-fruit tagged bugs in IPA and Ironic.

I’d strongly suggest this list start with us being more vigilant about tagging 
bugs as low-hanging-fruit and then having those act as a gateway into the 
community. At Open Source Bridge this year, in a session about getting 
newcomers interested in open source, easy/l-h-f bugs were indicated as a 
strongly preferred way to get someone involved. Even to the level of suggesting 
a more senior developer could make the bug report better, with more breadcrumbs 
for a new person, to make it even easier to get started.

Just a thought :).

Jay Faulkner

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