Is the OP looking to help patch bugs with an individual program or to use
Openstack to deploy an interesting use case? The latter is how I
interpreted the question.

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On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 11:24 AM, Duncan Thomas <>

> On 7 October 2014 19:01, Anita Kuno <> wrote:
> > On 10/07/2014 01:38 PM, Adam Young wrote:
> >> On 10/06/2014 05:28 PM, Anita Kuno wrote:
> >>> On 10/06/2014 04:11 PM, Adam Young wrote:
> >>>> I am looking to get someone to work on a Javascript based web client
> to
> >>>> replace Horizon.
> >>> Can I just say that I think using new people looking to have work
> >>> experience with OpenStack to further pet projects, without telling them
> >>> it is a pet project and not considered a project which others may
> >>> consider OpenStack to be not the best approach for encouraging new
> >>> people.
> I think writing a client / gui for openstack is one of the best single
> projects you can do to get a good overview of the whole stack.
> >>> Not knocking your project, Adam, since I know nothing about it, and
> this
> >>> isn't the first time I have seen this happen. But I do believe that
> >>> folks asking to help out with something are looking to gain
> transferable
> >>> skills so that they have something to offer a potential employeer who
> is
> >>> looking for work experience with OpenStack. That would be what I would
> >>> be looking for anyway.
> >> No offense taken.  I think you are looking out for the interest of the
> >> poster and people wityh similar interests.
> <snip>
> >>  It would not be appropriate for
> >> someone in Patricia's position to try and come in and get a bug fix
> >> through.
> > Now on this point, I'm going to disagree, simply because I don't have
> > enough information on what Patricia's position actually is. I can guess
> > but until I hear from Patricia herself, I'm just guessing and I would
> > much rather know. It was my desire to know more about Patricia's
> > position that motivated my suggestion she join irc and perhaps ask a few
> > questions, allowing others to ask questions of her.
> >
> > When interacting with other folks who enter under similar circumstances,
> > my first question invariably is "What is your goal?". I truly hope
> > Patricia has something better than "to get a good mark" because folks
> > with that goal rarely interest me, but who knows. I haven't had the
> > chance to ask.
> If you're doing a final year project and your highest goal isn't 'to
> get a good mark', then you're doing yourself a serious disservice. You
> can have all sorts of secondary goals, but by the point in your
> academic career where you're doing your final year project, your main
> goal is to prove you're learnt and can apply all of the skills that
> your course has covered. This actually involves a very different
> process to getting something done in the 'real world'.
> >>  That limits the number of projects available.
> > Now here is where I would like to interact with program administrators
> > at institutions such as Patricia's to ask them why a project? We have
> > over 300 including stackforge, why task a student with starting their
> > own, why not encourage them to learn our development process which then
> > can enable them to work on any of the 300 in various stages of
> development.
> Extremely difficult to get a decent academic project and therefore a
> good mark out of an existing project that has had any substantial
> amount of work done on it. Not impossible, but flicking through a pile
> of old final year projects that got good marks shows that stand-alone
> start-to-finish projects tend to get better marks. (I've looked into
> this quite a bit)
> --
> Duncan Thomas
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