On 10/30/2014 04:53 PM, Joe Gordon wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 4:01 AM, Thierry Carrez <thie...@openstack.org>
> wrote:
>> Jay Pipes wrote:
>>> On 10/29/2014 09:07 PM, Russell Bryant wrote:
>>>> On 10/29/2014 06:46 PM, Rochelle Grober wrote:
>>>>> Any chance we could use the opening to move either the Refstack
>>>>> session or the logging session from their current joint (and
>>>>> conflicting) time (15:40)?  QA really would be appreciated at both.
>>>>> And I'd really like to be at both.  I'd say the Refstack one would go
>>>>> better in the debug slot, as the API stuff is sort of related to the
>>>>> logging.  Switching with one of the 14:50 sessions might also work.
>>>>> Just hoping.  I really want great participation at all of these
>>>>> sessions.
>>>> The "gate debugging" session is most likely going to be dropped at this
>>>> point.  I don't see a big problem with moving the refstack one to that
>>>> slot (the first time).
>>>> Anyone else have a strong opinion on this?
>>> Sounds good to me.
>> Sounds good.
> With the "gate debugging" session being  dropped due to being the wrong
> format to be productive, we now need a new session. After looking over the
> etherpad of proposed cross project sessions I think there is one glaring
> omission: the SDK. In the "Kilo Cycle Goals Exercise" thread [0] having a
> real SDK was one of the top answers. Many folks had great responses that
> clearly explained the issues end users are having [1].  As for who could
> lead a session like this I have two ideas: Monty Taylor, who had one of the
> most colorful explanations to why this is so critical, or Dean Troyer, one
> of the few people actually working on this right now. I think it would be
> embarrassing if we had no cross project session on SDKs, since there
> appears to be a consensus that the making life easier for the end user is a
> high priority.
> The current catch is, the free slot is now at 15:40, so it would compete
> with 'How to Tackle Technical Debt in Kilo,' a session which I expect to be
> very popular with the same people who would be interested in attending a
> SDK session.

I'm happy to lead this, to co-lead with Dean or to just watch Dean lead
it - although I can promise in any format to start off the time period
with some very colorful ranting. I think I'm less necessary in the tech
debt session, as other than "yes, please get rid of it" I probably don't
have too much more input that will be helpful.

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