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On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 12:24 PM, Jean-Sébastien Guay
>> P. S. If I'm real lucky, Robert has expressed a VERY slight interest in
>> merging some small part of osgCairo into OSG itself, but we'll have to
>> see. At any rate, to know it works on Windows would help no matter
>> what. :)

Just for clarification, last week I began looking at svg, pdf and
webkit integration with via Cairo, and osgCairo being the vehicle that
I used for much of this investigation work.  Offline I've been
discussing with Jeremy the various possibilities for Cairo integration
with the OSG.

After dabbling over the past week I'm still not sure of the best way
to progress, but am inclined towards just providing a light weight
CarioImage class in osgWidget.  The CairoImage class would provide the
glue between the cairo context, cairo surface and osg::Image, and then
have osgPlugins for pdf, svg and webkit extend this to provide the
advanced feature integration.

Cairo itself is useful beyond the needs of pdf, svg and webkit
integration, as osgPango illustrates, it's usefulness for certain
types of apps is pretty compelling, but as yet I'm not sure about
whether providing our own C++ wrappers for Cairo is the right
approach, or whether we should defer this to other libraries such as
the existing C++ wrappers for Cairo and just provide the minimal glue
required such as CairoImage.

In terms of porting the CairoImage class would be just be a non op if
users don't have Cairo installed on their machines, and the plugins
would be optional built as well, so you'll only need Cairo, WebKit,
Poppler, rsvg libs if you want the associated functionality.  Getting
this libs working under a Linux distribution will be trivial as most
modern distributions will have them all precompiled with dev headers
in the repositories only a click away, for Windows and OSX we'll have
to explore how easy it is to build.  J-S's work on getting osgPango
and osgCairo compiling all good prep for this ;-)

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