Hi Chris,

  I dug back into my e-mail archives and found a message from Robert on 
10/7/2003 that I
used as my inspiration:

Thanks for digging that up. Indeed, after the corrections you mention, it looks almost exactly like what I have.

But, I think this demonstrates you're on
the right track, and maybe just need to debug what's really happening at 

Well, I've confirmed at least that the cull callback operator() is called at run time and that the dynamic_cast succeeds, so I just need to know what to check for to make sure my geometry would be rendered... I've never had to debug a cull callback before, what would you suggest I check for? Which of the CullVisitor's variables should I keep an eye on? I assume the call to traverse() is what actually adds the skydome to the render graph, so I'd need to trace down into that right?


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