On Oct 31, 2009, at 1:39 PM, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

Here are two patches for g_editor.c that fix following issues in 0.42.5:

1) undo recreates patch cords with wrong color (I posted this one
earlier by mistake on the pd-list)

Accepted and committed.

2) graph on parent (GOP) enable and then immediately disable crashes
patches that haven't been closed prior to disabling GOP (to reproduce,
open new patch->right-click->properties->enable gop->apply->disable
gop->apply->crash). This one may also affect pd vanilla (haven't

Looks good to me. Is it still present in 0.43? Submit this to the patch tracker and assign it to Miller. Then I can accept it in Pd- extended. One change, I'd do this patch like this, I think its cleaner:

Index: g_editor.c
--- g_editor.c  (revision 12704)
+++ g_editor.c  (working copy)
@@ -907,13 +907,15 @@
     t_gobj *y;
     t_object *ob;
-    if (x->gl_editor)
+    if (x->gl_editor && x->gl_list)
         for (y = x->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
             if (ob = pd_checkobject(&y->g_pd))
                 rtext_free(glist_findrtext(x, ob));
-        editor_free(x->gl_editor, x);
-        x->gl_editor = 0;
+        if (x->gl_editor) {
+            editor_free(x->gl_editor, x);
+            x->gl_editor = 0;
+        }



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