> 3) 0 0 coordinate-centric design IMHO does not make sense. From
> historical perspective, old patches should still TTBOMK open just fine.
> Yet, if 0 0 approach is still imposed, it results in unintuitive
> behavior of scrollbars. e.g. try the following on 0.43 (or previous
> versions without the suggested patch):
> create an object->create another object and slide it to the right until
> it goes outside the canvas area->a horizontal scrollbar will indicate
> there is more stuff to the right->scroll to the right and at this point
> you may find both of your objects (effectively your whole patch) within
> the canvas, yet the scrollbar will suggest there is something to the
> left when there isn't.

After testing this a bit more, here's a small correction. My
implementation does pack everything to the right or the left depending
upon where the whole canvas is located in respect to the 0 0 coord. This
does not however affect older patches. That said, I still feel this is
more desirable and ultimately can be further adjusted as necessary.

Best wishes,


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