John Francis wrote:
Silly or not, the original poster had made it very clear that he didn't want
an Apple product.  As such, it seems more than a little pointless (or worse)
to suggest that an iPad would be the right choice for him. He's entitled to
his opinions, no matter how silly you think they might be.

In my wife's case she was upgrading from a Kindle, and was able to transfer
over all the apps that she'd purchased, so an Android tablet was the right
choice for her.  If I get a modern tablet I'd probably go for an Android,
too - I've got an old ASUS Transformer I got as part of a project that I was
working on, and we both have Android phones, so there's really not a lot of
sense in considering switching to a different platform.

I've also got an ASUS transformer. It's actually my second one, my first one got crunched when something heavy got put on it. Oops. Ir's an older Android based one, and was available pretty cheaply used, on ebay or somesuch. It's nice in that it can be used as either a tablet, or as a rudimentary laptop. For me, having a real keyboard is a major plus. I bought my first one for showing photos, and it can work pretty well for that, although I'm not super thrilled with the photo display apps available.

While I'm generally quite pleased with OSX, IOS has always hated me. It's one advantage is that there are many apps written for it, that are not available on android. However, as mentioned the transformer has slots for both micro SD and SD cards, which means that as long as you don't need to show everything all at once, it's storage is effectively unlimited, unlike apple products where you have to pay out the nose up front for any storage you might ever possibly want.

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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